Why a Colorbond Shed?

Want to have a place on your property that keeps garden equipment and tools and other stored items safe and secure from Australia’s extremes in temperature and climate? You owe it to yourself to invest in a Colorbond Garden Shed. Colorbond Garden Sheds are structures constructed using a unique steel product featuring an oven-baked finish that resists the flaking and blistering caused by common weather conditions.

Because these Garden Sheds are made in Australia by craftsmen who understand the challenges posed by Australian climate conditions, they are the perfect storage unit to select when you want the most durable and strong structure possible. Thousands of homeowners have opted to invest in Colorbond Garden Sheds proudly made in Australia because they offer the best features for the price.

The specially formulated steel used in these sheds is corrosion resistant in order to ensure optimum performance through every season and all kinds of weather. These sheds are a great investment because they are built to last for a long period of time. The Zincalume steel base is unique to this brand of garden shed and inhibits the deterioration of the shed’s exterior that so often happens with wooden sheds.

Customers love these garden sheds because they are available in a wide array of designer colours. There are more than 20 different exciting colours to choose from in order to get as close a match as possible to your home’s current colour scheme. These sheds are also available in a variety of sizes in order to best suit the needs of homeowners. Some sheds are space efficient for use where outdoor space may be limited in order to accommodate a modest amount of equipment and tool storage. Others are spacious enough to accommodate space for a workshop or home office or even a place to park that spare automobile. These sheds also come in a variety of shapes in order to best accommodate the amount of land space which the homeowner can provide.

Colorbond Sheds are also the most environmentally friendly product choice because the steel used in their construction is 100% recyclable. Not only is steel lightweight and relatively easy to transport pre-cut to the building site, there is less waste once the shed has been constructed. And Australian owned BlueScope, the manufacturers of these amazing earth-friendly sheds, backs each of them with a performance warranty for the ultimate in customer satisfaction.

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