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We all like to ride a bike or do some gardening for enjoying our downtime. This helps us refresh our sense, keeps our minds of stress, relaxes us and does not let us go slack. But bike riding is a necessity and gardening is a profession. In places throughout, people use bikes to commute. It is an efficient way of transportation that allows people to maneuver the traffic jams with ease and not let them worry about missing the scheduled train or bus to reach their destination. Moreover, the bicycles do not need any fuel to run on and the motorized bikes are generally very fuel efficient with high mileage turnovers. But if you own a bicycle or for that matter any bike you will need a place to keep it in. If, you have a garage then everything is well and fine and if you do not have a garage then you can always keep the bike shed in the backyard or the garden. But this will expose the bike to dust, rain and burglary. Hence for safekeeping of your bike you will require to build a nice shed in your backyard or garden.

bike shedBuilding small garden sheds are quite popular amongst people with gardens. This is because it does not take much toll on the labor & finances of a person. But if you want to make a bike shed out of it then there are some things that you will need to take into consideration before shopping the materials for your DIY bike shed or simply buying a ready to use dissembled garden shed kit for famed online portals like You will also have other options available to you if you already have a shed in your premises. You easily keep your bike parked safely in the garden sheds, the pool pump sheds and the storage sheds.

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Following are some pointer that will assist you in selecting your perfect bike shed.

  1. First comes the material of the shed. The timber sheds and the absco sheds are quite popular since these are traditional & contemporary in their respective styles. Moreover, these are easy to build and are maintenance free. Bikes kept in these remain cool and these sheds look real cool in the garden. You can also use plastic & metals for the bike sheds.
  2.  When building a shed up from scratch getting the dimensions good is very insightful. A spacious shed will have a big front door, adequate moving space, space for parking at least a bike & a bicycle and toolkit shelf.
  3.  The bike shed must be durable & resilient enough to withstand the forces of nature. The joints must be bolted sturdily, and the locks must be secured to protect the bike against burglary attempts.
  4.  The rain is the most erosional agent for any shed. It does not matter, whether it is made of wood or metal or absco, if water seeps in then the bike’s longevity will degrade and so will be the shed’s life.
  5.  And lastly, the shed should have easy access or else everything is for naught.


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