Outdoor Bike Shed: Best Choices for 2021

Outdoor Bike Shed

Be it a home or an office space the problem of storage arise as things start accumulating. As more and more new items make its way into home or office, the onus of taking care of the older ones becomes more and more imposing. No wonder after the store room, the garage becomes the favorite spot for dumping items. Families having a small garage capable of accommodating only the car and no room left for an additional bike or a scooter often are forced to keep the bike parked at a side in the garden unguarded. A small bike shed at a corner of the garden or just beside the garage is definite to produce great utility. Considering office complexes, the necessity of building an outdoor bike shed is a must to facilitate the proper parking of the employee’s bikes.

outdoor bike shedWhen aiming to build an outdoor bike shed it is important to note a few very crucial factors. The material of the shed is pivotal as that directly determines its ability to withstand the forces of nature like the scorching sun or the thunderous rain. Few of the best material alternatives could be listed as below.

  • Timber Sheds – Wooden sheds are among the first choice customer makes. Both for its sturdy material as well as the aesthetic elegance it creates, the timber sheds are very popular among clients. Such sheds demand certain maintenance to prevent from rotting. A layer of varnish with other preservatives is of great utility as a tool of protection. Red cedar colour is a good choice. Moreover cedar wood acts as a natural resistance to extreme weather conditions.


  • Metal Sheds – Another highly favored commercial material is metal. These mainly comprise thin metal sheets (made up of steel, aluminum, iron) and a metal frame utilized to get the structure stand. Sheds made up of premium quality zinc is good to serve the purpose especially when the main criteria is building strong and fire-resistant bike sheds. It is good to choose a moderately thick quality metal sheet to avoid problems of corrosion.


  • Plastic Sheds – These easy sheds are mostly made up of materials like polyethylene and PVC. Not only are these economically viable but are substantially strong. The UV resistant polyethylene successfully characterizes the outdoor sheds to be light, strong, more durable and most importantly stable. These sheds can mostly be extended and allow shelving to be done with ease at any later stage after the installation is complete.


Among the various providers of small garden sheds the followings are among the best-reviewed ones.


  • Garden Sheds Perth – Located in Perth, it is popular for the customer service it provides. Right from maintaining the appointment on time to getting the work done with perfection and providing the best quality product, Garden Sheds Perth is unparallel in its service.


  • Absco Sheds – This Australian company is mostly known for its steel products. Their high resistant chromium exempted materials ensure long sustainability. Available in various shape and size the products of Absco Sheds ensures no room of complaint from customers.


  • Garden Sheds Adelaide – They provide service in the Australian “city of churches”. The main things they focus on are providing the best quality small garden sheds along with serving at the convenience of clients. They are home to numerous qualities of shades which are definite to suit the smallest of space clients have. They have kept in mind the harsh climate of the place while constructing the sheds made up of steel, timber, and resin. These sheds are well equipped to sustain storms and heavy shower.


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