What Materials are used For Making Garden Sheds?

Garden sheds are a simple structures like a single story house for your garden, and mostly used for storing. You can find the perfect shed based on size, material and accessories as per your needs. You can also give it a modern look with different materials, colours and layouts.


garden sheds

Here are some uses of our sheds

Garden sheds
Bike sheds
Boat sheds
Agricultural sheds
Railway sheds

What Material is used for making Garden Sheds?
Wood / Timber

These sheds are made from wood and are also called timber sheds. It is the most traditional type of sheds and used by many individuals as the most preferences bases with a warm natural feel and smell of cedar wood.


It gives you a natural look, Easy to build, Easy maintenance, completely customisable and can be painted with any colour and add accessories like multiple shelves and cabinets.


Timber sheds are more difficult to clean, easily attract bugs, but secure when treated (which ours are) to keep bugs from your Wooden/Timber sheds kits. This is the most Vulnerable among all garden sheds, harsh weather and water can harm it more frequently and require regular maintenance too with a stain to help maintain the timber finish for longer lasting.

Resin Sheds
These are the latest type of sheds and becoming more popular day by day and also called plastic sheds, Vinyl sheds, and High-density polyethylene sheds.

Plastic or resin sheds are Lighter, stronger and more durable than wood. Plastic sheds are very attractive and decorative, sometimes integrated with steel and double wall. Plastic sheds are maintenance free, stain-resistant and UV protected and gives you clean interior finishing. Resin Sheds kits are easily available in the market and require less knowledge of carpentry and come with the plastic flooring too.


Plastic/Resin sheds cannot bear as much weight as timber sheds and cannot be painted. Resin Sheds Kits are more expensive than metal sheds kit.

Metal sheds are made of either steel or galvanized aluminum.

Metal sheds are least expensive and come in a variety of colours to match your house and garden.

Metal sheds are not as strong as wooden or resin sheds are and not designed for much attractiveness as timber and resin. Metal sheds are available in fewer sizes and shapes. Metal sheds kit is not easy to assemble and also customising is extremely difficult.

Absco sheds

Absco Sheds is a best Australian company manufacturing a large range of steel products including Outdoor Structures. Absco Sheds specialize in kit form sheds, aviaries, garages and carports for your backyard and outdoor areas.

It is very attractive and have sizes up to long garage sheds.

It is not used in modern age.

TPR sheds are a sustainable alternative to concrete and provide more stability.

TPR sheds are more durable and stronger than traditional sheds.

These sheds are not suggested for the individual.

These are the materials that are used for making garden sheds but you can buy them online too from our website. Shop by type/modal, brand or by size. We cover all regions of Australia including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Adelaide. “Pickup “and “Delivery” are two options that we offer for you with 7-15 days delivery.

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