The Perfect Use for Different Types of Garden Sheds

A shelter is required for living, it’s a given. Ponds for fishes, nests for birds, tree canopies for giraffes and houses for us, humans. But we are a civilized species, so we took a few extra steps. A Shelter is a necessity for safe habitation. Once necessity is achieved, excellence comes from creativity. So humans have built everything from tombs to towers and from skyscrapers to sheds.


Sheds are essentially a small chamber house that is an accessory to the main estate, often built in the backyard or the garden to facilitate different purposes.

Garden sheds are the most common type of sheds built by the people. It is commonly used for beautifying the garden and store various gardening products and tools. These are either timber sheds or sheds built from different materials like fiber, glass & wood, aluminum, stone & ceramic etc. Absco sheds are one of the leading firms of sheds.

The purposes of garden sheds are primarily storage. The storing of gardening tools, fertilizers, mud and stone chips, flower & vegetable seeds, tubs & beds and so on. But given the innovative nature of the human mind, the shed became multi-purpose. The sheds are nowadays used as a warehouse, play house, office, study, club house, green house, home laboratory, sleepover house, paint shed and artist & photo studio. Absco sheds provide for design and easy construction for all kinds of sheds all according to the people’s choice.


Now let’s take a look at different type of garden sheds.

Theme sheds – When we have cosplay festivals like Halloween how can we not have theme sheds for our garden. Creating a stone & wood modest shed with a pathway and characters will definitely take one back to the land of Harry Potter or run of the mills old shanty with creepers and vines will give one the feel of medieval times.

Designer sheds – Some prefer plain old country type rustic designed timber shed while others prefer majestic style wood, stone, glass, metal, and ceramic made well-painted haute couture garden house.

Green house – Garden sheds are mainly used as green houses. The glass sheds are constructed with quite a proficiency so as to keep the green house effect well in motion with proper aeration and light. The designing of the green house is also a beautifying factor of any garden.

Other Sheds – Absco sheds are an expert in office sheds and other utility sheds. The office sheds are in general, made with easy to assemble fibers and are properly enforced with various office amnesties for creating good office ambiance. Garden variety artist studio and workshops are also a great help for people needing private space for indulging in innovative thoughts.

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