How to Choose the Best Garden Sheds

The most interesting and satisfying outdoor activity is Gardening. This is the most exciting activity for most of the people in big cities. Some do this in their spare time and some do this as their hobby. People have different reasons. As they do gardening they require equipment to maintain their garden on a regular basis. Sometimes they feel that there should be a place in the garden where they can keep their tools and equipment safely. And for this purpose, they want to purchase a garden shed.


As a matter of concern these garden sheds come in a lot of designs, colours, materials so it becomes a tough decision to know how to choose the best garden shed from them. So here in this blog, we are going to tell you the different types of garden sheds with their features so that you can make a decision quickly. So, let’s start…

Garden sheds can be divided into 4 categories:-

Metal Sheds

Timber Sheds

Plastic Sheds

Heavy Duty Sheds

Metal Sheds:-

Metal sheds are made of Steel, Iron or Aluminium. If you want a garden shed for a long time then this is the best option for you. Beware of buying these types of sheds as some metal sheds come with thin wall and can be damaged easily so check before buying any metal shed. These thin wall metal sheds may be damaged by heavy snowfall o ice. So you need to clear the roof of the metal shed. These thin wall metal sheds need to be attached with concrete to avoid damaged done by wind. In countries like Australia, where the weather is harsh corrugated metal sheds are being used as they are more rigid.

Timber Sheds:-

This is the most popular among all of the garden shed, timber sheds come in latest as well as traditional design to suit your gardens and can be easily customized to add more storage. Timber sheds are generally much easier to assemble. You can choose different types of wood for your timber sheds. One of the most disadvantages of timber sheds is that they require regular maintenance. And if you ignore this then sooner or later you will need another garden shed. A timber shed can easily match up with your garden and will long last if maintained.

Plastic shed:-

These are the garden sheds which are affordable and durable for a long time. One of the most disadvantages of these types of garden sheds is they are not rust free and are less secure as compare to metal shed or timber shed. Although, they are easy to assemble and maintain but the security is the biggest issue. Plastic shed kits are the least expensive among all the garden shed kits. Sometimes you may found some issues in making your own timber shed or metal shed just because of permit issue but in plastic sheds, you do not need such types of permit.

Absco & EasyShed sheds:-

Absco sheds & EasyShed are Australian made garden sheds. They come in a wide variety of design, size and are able to give you all comfort that you expect from your garden shed. Absco sheds are more durable then timber and plastic sheds as they made of strong steel to give you extra security with durability. They are even sustained in a heavy cyclone with the speed of 147 km. per hour.

These are some basic details about Garden Sheds. If you are also planning to buy such a garden shed then you can contact us. We provide you different types of garden sheds in all the region of Australia including Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and many other areas too. We offer free home delivery. You can pick your garden shed from a depot too, if you wish. The order will be delivered within seven to fifteen days.

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