Best Branded Garden Sheds With Various Types

Garden sheds are the perfect solution for the storing your equipment and other useful tools. Australian made garden sheds are very cheap yet durable. Depending on the sheds you are using they can help you in various ways. You can buy any type of garden sheds depending on your requirements. So here we are discussing the Model, Brand and Size of garden sheds as it can help you in making your decision.

Type/Model of Garden Sheds:-

Aviary / Pet & Bird House:-

Do you have birds or pets like a dog? Are you an animal lover? If yes, these garden sheds especially designed for pets and birds and are very useful. You can keep them safe and secure inside it.


garden sheds

Bike Storage:-

If you have a bike or bicycle and there is no single place where you can put them safely then this garden shed is for you. It gives you enough space to put your vehicle and also has hinged doors so you can easily open and close them. You can lock them here also.

Pool Pump Shed:-

Want to protect your pool pump accessories from sunlight and harsh weather? You should buy a pool pump shed as it helps you in organizing your pool area and will keep it clean and safer.


Absco sheds for the workshop is here giving you an extra room and storage for your workshop. Absco sheds provided by Gardenshed are life-long usable and gives you 30 years warranty.


These types of garden sheds are perfect for your car or boat or you can use it as an extra storage. It is made of 35mm steel and gives you lifetime written warranty.


This type of garden shed you can use for your vehicle protection purpose like cars. This garden shed protects your vehicle from rain and sunlight. It mostly has one or two walls.

Timber Sheds:-

Timber sheds are made of Cedar and manufactured in Australia. These Australian made timber sheds are constructed using termite-resistant pine framing and the panels are pre-made. They are easy to assemble hardly it takes about 2-3 hours.


timber sheds

Branded Garden Sheds:-

Absco Sheds

Gardenshed provides you Absco sheds manufactured from BlueScope with 35mm steel with different sizes and colors with free delivery options.

Cedar Sheds:

These garden sheds are made of cedar. You can add some more accessories to your cedar sheds to make it more comfortable like Heavy duty flooring kit, skylight capping to let sunlight in.


A Duramax shed is a vinyl shed which is durable and weather-resistant. Here you need a base to add to sit on it like plywood. Its steel frame gives you an extra durability

Easy Shed:

An easy shed is a well-known brand. Whether you need a workshop, pool pump sheds or a workshop, Easy Sheds is the right choice for you. You can also add some more options like Louvre Window and Skylight Sheet to make it more usable.

Keter Resin/ Platic Sheds:

Keter Plastic Sheds are like a storage bin and can be placed inside or outside your house. A floor based Keter plastic sheds can be opened from the top or the front and can be locked if consists important things.

Garden sheds by sizes:-

You can also buy 1- 6-meter garden sheds according to your need. All sizes are available in the market.

Gardenshed provides you an enormous range of garden sheds. We deliver these Australian made garden sheds in around Australia including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and other geographical areas also. Two options are available for you “Pickup” and “Home delivery” and delivery is done within 7-15 days.

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